Adam J. Gil is a 3rd generation jeweler specializing in engagement rings and wedding bands.  His grandfather started a small jewelry business in New York City mostly selling Rubies and Sapphires after emigrating from Israel in the 1950’s.  The business was highly successful, and the Gil name became synonymous with high quality colored gemstones.  After graduating from NYU’s Stern School of Business, Adam obtained his CPA, but his real desire was to be in the jewelry business.  He began selling loose colored gemstones in family tradition, but having always had an eye for design, Adam offered to create rings, pendants and earrings to his clients in addition to selling the stones.  Adam’s passion to create exemplary pieces came across in the jewelry design, and it became clear that Adam’s talents not only lie in cherry-picking top quality stones, but designing something unique that his customers were excited about.

Adam’s focus quickly turned to cornerstone of the jewelry business.. the engagement ring.  Knowing that “The Ring” is often the most scrutinized aspect of the engagement, Adam’s knows that attention to detail is crucial to the success of the ring.  Adam completely understands that diamonds is a subject that the average consumer knows little to nothing about, so he is patient in delivering the proper education beginning from the initial consultation all the way to final stage of putting on the ring for the first time.  His ability and willingness to communicate is one of the things that set him apart from other jewelers.  Adam is extremely sensitive when it comes to the budget, and will maximize how your money is spent.  Stylistically, Adam is masterful at maintaining a classic and timeless feel while also being cutting edge.  Whether it’s a piece that’s heavily designer intensive or something on the simpler side, uniqueness is what Adam always produces.  Each ring is a one-of-a-kind and when it’s on your finger, that’s exactly how it should feel.